Why must we choose buy Meishun wooden door?

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  • December 03, 2020

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There are many factors to consider when choosing the right door for your house, but one of the first things to consider is whether the door should be made of wood, fiberglass or steel.

While it's no surprise that we think wood is the best choice for your door, we believe it's important to understand why. This is just some of the reasons why we don't think you want to choose anything other than wooden doors.

Each wooden door of Meishun is unique

The individuation of the whole family has become the pillar of design trend. The fact is that homeowners want to add a personal touch to their home because they want it to reflect their personality.

Just as everyone is unique, so is every door made by Meishun. We don't have a press that can punch metal or fiberglass doors. Our wooden doors are made of different parts, which not only ensure high quality construction, but also provide unique doors. And since wood is a natural resource, no two pieces of wood are the same. This forms a beautiful, natural door, which is your own unique door.

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Meishun knows everything

One of the questions we often get from homeowners is whether wooden doors are strong enough to last for many years. And because of our history and experience, we can answer them with a yes.

We have been making wooden doors for more than 100 years and have never stopped looking for ways to improve their strength and elasticity. Every time you work with a natural resource like wood, you spend countless efforts to understand how to best cut, wire, shape, paste and ensure its durability while maintaining its natural beauty.

For example, we have a special process when we glue the staff of sabiri mahogany to ourselves. This process is unique to sabiri because it is needed by the natural structure of wood. And that's the type of innovation that happens only with the expertise that has accumulated over time.

What's the meaning of this? This means that you can be sure that when you buy a Simpson door, the door you buy will last for several years and have more than 100 years of experience.

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Meishun customized wooden door appearance

Whether your wooden door will be the focus of the room or the focus of the design, the style and appearance obtained from different woods are almost endless.

The first thing to consider is the texture of the wood. Do you like straight or wavy grains, tight grains or wide / open grains, or grains close to or far from each other? The type of wood and the cut will determine its texture.

Another consideration is color. Each wood has its own natural color, and most wood can be dyed to achieve a variety of different colors. For example, you can make a fairly light wood look very dark just by using a dark stain. To ensure the desired appearance, consider obtaining samples of the type of wood you are considering from your authorized dealer and then conducting some stain tests yourself.

Meishun wooden door suppliers have many choices and wood types to choose from, so it is difficult to make the right choice. You can easily explore some of the more popular wood door types on the wood type selector tool.

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Custom wooden doors of any size or shape

Ordering Meishun solid wood doors gives you complete design freedom. You can order any outlandish size to fit a renovation project, or you may want to make it bigger and stronger for an influential front door or stylish barn door. Your door can be of any shape - arched top or two shared arches are very popular.

Meishun is new for its practical use and comfortable appearance. Any swing door or any door with an intermediate guide can be made into Meishun. In fact, there are no restrictions. This flexibility is not available in steel or fiberglass doors.