Types of Pull Handles from Iron Doors

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  • October 06, 2020


If you’re looking to create a room design that’s nothing but elegant from start to finish, it may be time to rethink the way you’re handling the little details – as your door handles. They seem like such small additions to any room, but your door handles to create the perfect finishing touch for any space you’re looking to spruce up. For those interested in an elegant, modern look, pull handles are impossible to beat in terms of design. The best part is, there are many different shapes and sizes to choose from, so you’re always getting the ideal look, and each of them can be paired with security door locks, so you never need to sacrifice safety in the name of style.

Pull Handles Mounted on a Plate

If you’ve checked out pull handles before, you’ve definitely seen styles that come complete with a backplate. These styles present the handle of your choice mounted onto a flat plate, which serves as a sort of backdrop for the pull bar itself. The plate is bolted into the door, providing a secure connection for the attached handle. These plates are often covered with the same finish as the pull handle and, in cases such as iron doors, the door itself to create a complimentary look that’s never anything less than perfect and harmonious. Furthermore, these included plates are excellent for installing a keypad house lock and deadbolt, making this a highly secure option as well as a highly fashionable one.

Handles with plates have a more traditional look than other pull handle designs, making them excellent for the homeowner who wants to add an interesting touch to their doors without going completely modern. Furthermore, these handles are sturdy enough to be used on both external and internal doors, allowing you to enjoy that perfect finishing touch throughout your house both inside and out.

Pull Handles Mounted on a Rose

If you’re looking for something smaller than a backplate, then you might consider a pull handle mounted on a rose for your home. A style that’s been common on both knobs and lever handles for years, the rose mounting is small, usually circular or square, and completely covers all of the hardware to give you a sleeker, more refined appearance. When you choose this style for a pull door handle, both ends of the handle will be attached to a rose mount, which in turn attaches to the door while keeping screws and bolts invisible to those using the entryway. Like handles with plates, handles mounted on a rose are equally at home on both interior and exterior doors. These handles provide doors of all shapes and sizes with a more minimalistic appeal than doors with backplates or other types of handles, making it the go-to for homeowners seeking elegant, modernized design for their home.

With so much to offer, it’s no wonder these types of door fixtures have appeared on some of the world’s most recognized home décor websites as a must-have for stunning exterior designs and superior curb appeal. If you want to keep your home in line with modern design trends, then rose mounts are certainly the way to go.

Back to Back Mounts

With both backplate mounting and rose mounting, the handle is still bolted into the door. However, with back to back mounts, an interior handle and exterior handle are bolted into one another through the door. A thick threading screw runs from the mounting point of one handle straight into the mounting point of the other, creating a tight, secure connection between the two pull bars. These are quite often used on entryway doors simply because they’re sturdy, straightforward, and hide all of the hardware effortlessly. Furthermore, because it uses no backing like plates or roses, the appearance is as streamlined as possible and provides the ultimate modern, minimalistic appeal.

Pull Handles and Security

Often, when people think about installing a pull handle on their front door, their immediate concern is security. After all, you simply can’t lock a pull handle like you could a turn knob or lever handle. However, pull handle doors are as

secure as any other door out there if you simply take a few precautions, such as installing the right additional hardware.

Pull handles can – and should – be paired with a deadbolt, allowing you to keep your entry door completely secure when you’re away from home. Deadbolts are highly effective at keeping doors of all types secure. In fact, they’re superior to the standard locks that come on both knob and lever handles, which can be manipulated by tools or force. Installing a deadbolt keeps pull handle doors as secure as any other door out there.

However, if you really want to ramp up your security, there’s always the option of installing keypad entry tech with your new handles. This route involves installing a numeric keypad alongside your deadbolt rather than relying on a traditional key. You’ll set a password that opens and closes the bolt in question, making access for you and your family quick and easy while adding even more security against would-be intruders.

Finding the Perfect Style

Whether you’re looking for back-to-back pulls with a keypad locking mechanism, or you want to go more traditional with a plate backing and a different form of security, there are hundreds of options out there to choose from. Having plenty of options is always good, but how do you know you’re making the right decision? One option is to have your pull handles custom made alongside your door. This ensures you’re not only getting the perfect matching finish but that you’ll also have an overall style that flows well between the door and its hardware.

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