Do Iron Doors Help Keep My Home Cooler in the Summer?

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  • Jimmy at
  • October 14, 2020


The summer heat in the Phoenix area can get excruciating. Having an efficient and working air conditioning system is imperative, but there are other things you can do to help keep your home cooler. One of these is to install an iron door. It may be surprising, but iron doors are extremely well built, and one of the many benefits is they have great insulative features. This keeps your home cooler in the summer, and it keeps in heat in the winter.

Doesn’t Iron Get Hot?

Iron has an amazing ability to attract and retain heat because it has a high thermal mass. So, yes, iron does get hot, but modern iron doors are made in a way that prevents all this collected heat on the outside of the door from passing through to the other side of the door that frames the interior of the home.

Iron doors have internal insulation and thermal breaks. Thermal breaks refer to alternating material layers or gaps, and these stop the energy flow. Insulation further strengthens the thermal breaks, so heat stays outside. Eventually, once the temperature begins the drop, the heat the door has collected will slowly dissipate back to the outside air.

This same concept is another reason why iron doors keep the inside of the house so much cooler. Just as the external door collects the Arizona heat, the interior of the door collects the cool air from the air conditioner. The same thermal breaks that kept the heat out prevents the cool from escaping to the outside. As an extra bonus, this coolness releases back into the house when the air conditioning is turned down at night, which further cools the house.

How Does This Affect My A/C Bill in the Summer?

Because iron doors keep the heat out and the cold in, energy bills tend to be lower. Although this may seem impossible considering how much the air conditioner runs in the summer, it is true. With iron doors, your air conditioning system does not have to run as much or as high.

This is also true in the winter. On cooler days, the heater does not need to run as much because the doors keep the cold air out and the warmer air in, and the doors release any built-up heat into the home.

What Are Additional Benefits of Iron Doors?

Keeping the house comfortable and the energy bills low are just two of the benefits of installing iron doors to your home. Some other advantages include:

  • Durability –

    • Just as an iron door can withstand the high Phoenix temperatures, it can withstand other extreme conditions. The doors are extremely fire-resistant, making them great barriers against brush fires, blowtorches, and more. They can also hold up against extreme weather such as hurricane-force winds.
  • Security –

    • One of the biggest benefits iron doors have is they are almost impossible to break in to. They can withstand tremendous force, and you can choose from a wide variety of security locks to add an additional layer of security.
  • Noise reduction –

    • The thermal breaks that help retain hot and cold also prevent noises from passing from the exterior of the door to the interior. This means if you live in a high-traffic neighborhood, or there is construction going on near you, the interior of your home remains nice and quiet.
  • Aesthetics –

    • Another main reason that homeowners choose iron doors for their front entrance is that they are beautiful to look at. They add a grand appearance that adds tremendous curb appeal. The doors are also highly customizable. You can choose a single or double door and add glass and a screen to allow for airflow into your home when the temperature is nice. There are also numerous styles and colors to choose from, whether you prefer a traditional, art deco, bold, classic, or modern look. It can have a simple design or a more dramatic one to wow your guests.
  • Flexibility –

    • Iron doors are a popular choice for the entrance door, but they are flexible enough to be installed anywhere. Add an iron door to your patio, your garden, or even customize one for a window. They look great both inside and out.
  • Easy to maintain –

    • Unlike other types of doors that wear down in weather conditions like wind and rain, the durability of iron doors make them sturdy and tough. They do not need to be re-stained or painted on a regular basis. To clean off dust and dirt, just use a vegetable-based soap and water to wipe the door. Spray with a hose to rinse off. Make sure to dry the door thoroughly to prevent rust buildup.
  • Resale value –

    • Thanks to all the previous benefits, installing iron doors to your place of residence can add incredible value to the home. Even if you are not even close to thinking about selling your home, that is ok. Iron doors last pretty much forever, so they will still look great years down the road. They are an investment you can enjoy now and when you sell.