The Ultimate Guide to The to Buy Custom Aluminum doors

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  • September 22, 2020

1. What are Aluminum doors?

The aluminum door is a door frame member made of surface-treated aluminum alloy profiles through cutting, punching, milling, tapping, manufacturing, assembly and other processing technology surfaces. And glass are assembled together.

Definition of aluminum door

choose Wrought Iron door (3)

2. Classification of aluminum doors

Door made of aluminum alloy

Divided by opening method

push-pull aluminum door, flat-open aluminum door, folding aluminum door, hanging aluminum door

According to the width of aluminum alloy door

46 series, 50 series, 65 series, 70 series, 90 series aluminum alloy door.

Classified by material:

 wooden doors and windows, steel doors and windows, revolving doors anti-theft doors, automatic doors, plastic doors and windows, revolving doors, iron flowers windows and doors, plastic steel windows and doors, stainless steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy windows and doors, glass steel doors and windows, aluminum-wood composite doors and windows, etc.

3. Third, the characteristics of aluminum alloy doors

  • 1. Lighter material
  • 2. Good tightness
  • 3. Beautiful color
  • 4. Easy to process


4. Regional characteristics

The profiles and glass styles of aluminum doors are divided into north and south. In the north, thick aluminum and stable style are the main features. The most representative is the lattice clause, and the most representative of the lattice is Tange. The south is characterized by various aluminum materials and lively styles. The most representative is the flower glass style. The more representative styles are grate, ice sculpture, shallow sculpture, crystal shell, etc.